Useful Tips//
What are the main things you can do to avoid that a pleasant day out in the open gets ruined by an inconvenience, big or small?

What to wear
Your clothes should be suitable for the temperature of the day. Comfortable clothes and shoes or, why not, a bathing suit… after all, the event can be seen from the beach.

What to eat/drink
When the temperature rises, one should reduce their caloric intake, especially fatty foods; it's be to eat simple carbohydrates that are more easily digestible.
Moreover, it is important to increase liquid intake like water and the quantity of fruit and vegetables.

What to wear
We suggest bringing binoculars, cameras, videocameras, protection for your ears (cotton/plugs) against the noise.
Moreover, based on the weather conditions, you should also bring sunglasses, a hat, an umbrella and mosquito repellent.

Sun exposure
Exposure to sun when it is the least hot and not for prolonged periods of time is certainly useful; however, your skin must be protected by using sun filters. Special attention should paid to smaller children and to people with fair-coloured skin as it is easier for them to get a sunrash.
Intelligent exposure to sun will also avoid actinic conjunctivitis. We also suggest you always glasses with protective lenses.
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